MRCOOL DIRECT 1 year free labor warranty

Mini-Split Warranty

This 1 year labor warranty, is offered exclusively by MRCOOL DIRECT for MRCOOL DIRECT customers only and is included free with purchases of any of our ductless mini splits. Customer must purchase mini split from MRCOOL DIRECT to qualify for 1 year free labor warranty. Our warranty will cover labor costs up to $85/hour for 1 year after installation. Warranty goes into effect in 90 days after ordering with us.

*1 year labor warranty does not cover refrigerant refills or parts. Covers HVAC Technicians up to $85 an hour* We directly pay HVAC Technician with their invoice.

MRCOOL DIRECT also offers a 5 or 10 year labor (up to $85/hour), parts (extended), and refrigerant warranty that can be purchased separately. These warranties will cover both the labor & refrigerant if needed. It will also extend the manufactures parts warranty to the 5 or 10 years.

We have a network already across the USA to get to your needs as soon as possible to resolve any issues & get your system back to functioning properly to heat/cool your home. To file a claim contact us at or give us a call.

Please note, for the 1-year labor warranty it will fall upon the responsibility of the customer to find HVAC technician to work on Mini-Split. For the 5-year & 10-year we will provide HVAC Technician from our network. Labor warranty is void outside U.S. Mainland.

Free labor warranty is not stackable with another extended warranty. MRCOOL DIRECT offers warranty in good faith and can disqualify you if you have intentions to scam us for more than what is offered. MRCOOL DIRECT reserves the right to disqualify you from this offer at any time.

More extended warranty options

5-year 9K-60K Ductless Mini-Split

1 Zone: $317.87

2 Zone: $388.36

3 Zone: $458.85 

4 Zone: $529.34

5 Zone: $599.83

10-year 9k-60K Ductless Mini-Split

1 Zone: $446.88

7 Zone: $607.81

3 Zone: $768.74  

4 Zone: $939.67

5 Zone: $1,090.60